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  • SPIED: Best view of the Proton Prevé hatchback yet!

    Thanks to reader Ekhwan Ismail, we have the best view of the Proton Prevé hatchback yet. He spotted this partially covered P3-22A test mule at the HICOM intersection of the KESAS highway, which is where […]


  • SPIED: Proton Prevé P3-22A hatchback, Putra Heights

    Our third recorded Proton Prevé hatchback sighting finds a camouflaged P3-22A at a set of lights in Putra Heights. Of course, you’ve seen the test mules before – once and twice – so this picture doesn’t […]


  • SPIED: Proton Prevé P3-22A hatchback again!

    Another sighting of the upcoming Proton Prevé hatchback, or P3-22A. This time we get to see the front, albeit not head-on. Like the back end, the front is masked, but we can see what appears to […]


  • SPIED: Proton Prevé P3-22A hatchback on highway!

    Our friends at funtasticko have put up these spyshots of what appears to be a Proton Prevé hatchback, codenamed P3-22A. Not much is clear to the eye as the back is heavily masked, but there […]


  • Proton Prevé – rendering of the P3-22A hatchback

    At the preview drive of the just-launched Prevé earlier in the month, mention was made that the next Proton offering on the cards will be the P3-22A, which is a hatchback variant of the form. […]



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