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  • Bentley Continental GT imported by Naza World

    Naza World is now selling the Bentley Continental GT with a price tag starting from RM1 million upwards. The Continental GT is a 2-door Grand Tourer largely based on the Volkswagen D platform of which […]


  • Turbodiesel Bentleys soon?

    Bentley is considering expanding it’s engine line-up to something more than the current petrol guzzlers, either hybrids or turbodiesels. I personally think the Volkswagen Group’s V12 TDI turbodiesel found in the Audi Q7 is perfect […]


  • Bentley Brooklands Coupe: only 550 units!

    This is the world’s most exclusive coupe. Only 550 units will be built. Not exactly the most beautiful thing around, however that Bentley Badge on it carries an ultra-premium. This is the Bentley Brooklands Coupe, […]



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Last Updated 17 Jun 2021