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  • BMW 335i to get twin turbocharged inline-6

    BMW’s 3.0 litre Twin-Turbodiesel won the 2.5 to 3.0 litre category in the International Engine of the Year awards. With this new-found expertise on how to mate an engine with a turbocharger, they are going […]


  • 2008 BMW V3

    Looks alot like a Honda Jazz isn’t it? It’s just concept art at the moment. The BMW V3 is based on the BMW X3 platform, and is a 6-seater people carrier.


  • 2008 BMW Z10 Supercar

    BMW’s last supercar was the M1 back in 1979. That car was the first car produced by BMW Motorsports, which makes the M cars like M3 and M5. The BMW M1 had a 3.5 litre […]


  • 2008 BMW X6 Concept Art

    Nothing much, just concept art of the BMW X6 cross-over SUV coupe. The car is already undergoing testing stages at Germanys Nurburgring test track., but it is only a testing mule without proper body panels.


  • BMW enters the crossover SUV market

    BMW will be entering the crossover SUV market with their new X6, which is currently undergoing testing laps in Germany’s Nurburgring test track. The name is not finalised as X6 is just a rumour that’s […]


  • BMW trying to be 1337?

    LOL. 1337 sp34k is so widely used these days that even BMW is trying to be 1337. Look at their tagline for the new E90 3 series. SHARP3R than any corner. Lyk3 ch3ck 0uT 0ur […]



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