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  • Novitec Rosso Ferrari F430 Race

    This is the most powerful tune-up of the Ferrari F430 from Novitec Rosso to date, and it is given the name F430 Race. We saw a 656 horsepower version just last year, but Novitec Rossi […]


  • Ferrari 430 Scuderia Video

    The latest member of the Ferrari 430 family was announced earlier this week, and now you get to hear the sweet sound of it’s engine! Have a look after the jump.


  • Ferrari 430 Scuderia

    These are the first photos of the new Ferrari 430 Scuderia, which you will be able to see in person at the 2007 Frankfurt Motor Show in September 2007, unveiled by none other than Michael […]


  • Chery Windcloud vs Ferrari F430

    For a 1.6 litre Chinese-made sedan to keep up with a Ferrari F430 on the track could only mean there is some huge difference between driving ability of the two drivers biased to the driver […]


  • Police Ferrari 612 Scaglietti

    Ferrari created this special edition of the Ferrari 612 Scaglietti adorned with police livery for the Ferrari 60th Anniversary relay’s UK leg. It will be driven by police officers to support the relay through it’s […]


  • Ferrari Enzo Crash

    Here’s a video of American actor/comedian Eddie Griffin crashing his Ferrari Enzo. Do you feel the pain? Video after the jump!


  • Fifth Gear McLaren F1 vs Enzo Ferrari

    Tiff Needell of Fifth Gear puts two supercar engineering marvels to the test – while they’re amazing on the track, how does it perform on real roads? What about maintenance costs? Let’s find out what […]


  • Shell V-Power Ferrari F1 Advertisement

    This aurally orgasmic advertisement for Shell V-Power was created to celebrate 60 years of collaboration between Shell and Ferrari in Formula 1. The advertisement shows generations of F1 cars running at high speeds through cities […]


  • Four wheel drive system for FR Ferraris

    Patent filings have given us clues on Ferrari’s new four wheel drive system for front engine models like the Ferrari 612 Scaglietti (picture shown above) and Maserati’s Quattroporte and Coupe models. The four wheel drive […]



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