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  • Honda Civic Hybrid Modulo Concept

    This is a pretty cool Modulo bodykit concept for the Honda Civic Hybrid. I’m falling in love with the 2006 Honda Civic more and more. Probably because it’s such a big improvement over the previous […]


  • Mugen Honda Civic Dominator Concept

    I’m officially in love… with this hot new concept from Mugen Power. This is their Mugen Honda Civic Dominator concept, to be shown at the Tokyo Auto Salon 2006. I wish I could be there, […]


  • 2006 Honda Accord Facelift

    LATEST UPDATE: The new 8th generation 2008 Honda Accord is now in Malaysia. Click the link more information on prices, specifications and photos. Honda unveiled a facelift to it’s Honda Accord back in September. The […]


  • Honda Sports 4 Concept

    The Honda Sports 4 Concept is built on the Honda Accord platform. It could be the design direction for the next Honda Accord!


  • New Honda City facelift launch

    The new Honda City was unveiled today (11/10/2005) after a marketing campaign to build up hype for it for the past month or so. This new facelift is known as the Honda City ZX in […]


  • New Honda City facelift in Malaysia

    Honda has been marketing teasers of their new Honda City facelift that’s to be launched really soon. It’s already available in Thailand as the Honda City ZX. I don’t know whether it will be known […]


  • Honda City facelift

    The Honda City and the Toyota VIOS which rules the budget small sedan Japanese car market has been around for quite some time already and they’re beginning to look dated. Thailand already has the new […]


  • Legendary Japanese Sports Cars

    This will be a two-part installment, where first I will talk about the previous incarnations of these sports cars, and later I will introduce to you the new versions coming up soon.


  • 2005 Honda Airwave 1.5 VTEC

    Honda’s Fit platform has been a big success, especially here in Malaysia. I am not sure if everyone knows this, but the Honda City and the Honda Jazz is basically the same platform, in a […]



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