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  • Preview details of Lotus Project Eagle car

    Group Lotus CEO Mike Kimberly calls the above car the biggest milestone that Lotus has achieved since the original Lotus Elise 13 years ago. This milestone car is currently known by its codename Project Eagle, […]


  • Lotus gets two UK government green projects

    Lotus Engineering has won two green vehicle projects from the UK Government’s Technology Strategy Board. The first project involves working as part of the Zero Emission London Taxi Commercialisation consortium to develop a fuel cell […]


  • Lotus and Continental’s Low CO2 Project

    Click to enlarge Lotus Engineering and Continental Division Powertrain have just posted the results of a Low CO2 research project, involving an Opel Astra equipped with a new prototype inline-3 1.5 litre pressure-charged engine. The […]


  • A local firm wants to buy Lotus?

    The Malaysian Reserve reports that a local firm has approached Proton with a proposal to take over Proton’s stake in Lotus. The business daily did not mention which local firm this is – but whispers […]


  • Lotus and Siemens VDO to reveal new engine

    Lotus Engineering and Siemens VDO will be jointly exhibiting a new 1.5 litre 3-cylinder force inducted hybrid engine at the 2007 Frankfurt Motor Show which should be starting any time now. The new engine combines […]


  • No made in China Lotus

    Something Lotus generally does not do is respond to individual articles in the media, but this time the British company has stepped up and responded to the recent news that Jinhua Neoplan will be assembling […]


  • RM272 million ringgit to cover Lotus debts

    Proton has loaned the Lotus Group £40 million, or RM272 million ringgit, to cover the Lotus Group’s third successive year of losses. This loan will be converted to equity, which actually means Proton is basically […]


  • Zap releases more details on ZAP-X

    Remember Zap? I reported earlier in February that US electric car maker Zap was employing the services of Lotus to develop the ZAP-X for them, an all-wheel drive crossover MPV which would be fully powered […]


  • Spyker wants to buy Lotus

    Dutch car manufacturer Spyker has made a bid for Lotus, reported Dutch auto magazine AutoWeek. AutoWeek’s unnamed sources claims the Dutch company is already in talks with Proton about the possible porchase. Spyker’s owner however, […]



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