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  • Handling Battle: Lotus Exige versus Apache Gunship

    Jeremy Clarkson puts the Lotus Exige in a head-on handling bout against an Apache helicopter gunship. Trust Top Gear to always come up with outrageous but entertaining ways to test his sports cars. Jeremy Clarkson […]


  • Lotus Europa S

    Lotus has finally announced the Lotus Europa S, after spyshots of it being seen around Europe and in Malaysia being test driven along Proton models like the Savvy and the SRM. Alot of speculation has […]


  • No made in Malaysia Lotus

    In a strange change of events, Lotus and Proton technicians are dismantling Lotus equipment here for shipping back to the UK. Production for the Lotus Esprit V8, supposed to be built here has also been […]


  • Lotus Exige Espionage

    Lotus and Gieves & Hawkes have partnered up to release this special edition of the Lotus Exige sports car called the Lotus Exige Espionage.



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