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  • Proton New Sedan: Peekaboo!

    Proton has placed a few units of it’s upcoming new sedan in four venues across Malaysia, but before you excitedly head on to the venue to have a look at it, there’s just one thing […]


  • Another rear shot of the Proton BLM

    Here is another shot of the Proton BLM contributed by reader Barney Low, but unfortunately it doesn’t really reveal much details that we haven’t seen already in previous spyshots of the Proton BLM here on […]


  • More artist impressions of the new Proton Sedan

    Click to enlarge Reader Chaku has updated his new Proton Sedan artist’s impressions as some of you have requested variations of his previous impression with different bootlid spoilers. Well, here they are – complete with […]


  • More details on Proton-Volkswagen deal

    The Edge has more insider news on the Proton-Volkswagen deal that surfaced earlier this week. According to The Edge, it’s sources have informed them that the Proton-Volkswagen deal now has an additional detail to it […]


  • More details on the new Proton Sedan

    Proton has posted more information on it’s teaser page‘s FAQ section. They’ve revealed the exterior dimensions of the new sedan. Let’s compare it to the GEN2 and the Waja.   New Sedan GEN2 Waja Overall […]


  • Proton New Sedan Teaser Video

    Proton has put up a teaser video of the Proton New Sedan up on it’s website. It shows the new front grille of the sedan clearly, and from what I can tell so far it […]


  • Proton puts up new sedan teaser

    Proton has started putting up a teaser promotion for it’s new sedan on it’s website. We call it the GEN2 Sedan, however it looks like the new Proton sedan might most likely be called something […]



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