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  • New Photos: Mercedes-Benz Concept BlueZERO

    Mercedes-Benz has just released a couple of more photos of their Concept BlueZERO, which many say is most likely a preview of what the next generation B-Class will look like. But like the name indicates, […]


  • Rumour: Daimler to buy stake in Porsche?

    An early spyshot of the Panamera… disguised with W203 peanut headlamps! With the industry being the way it is now, there have been plenty of talks about this or that brands being sold here and […]


  • W204 C-Class gets “Special Edition” model

    Daimler is now selling a special trim level for the W204 C-Class, a “Special Edition” that can be had in either sedan or wagon bodystyle. The car features darkened front headlamps with a dark cover […]


  • Mercedes-Benz ESF 2009 Safety Innovations

    Full details and photos of the new Mercedes-Benz ESF 2009 research vehicle have been unveiled. Based on the S 400 HYBRID, the Mercedes-Benz ESF 2009 essentially features 5 key new safety elements which are the […]


  • Preview: Mercedes ESF 2009 Safety Concept

    Mercedes-Benz has taken the new W221 Mercedes-Benz S400 Hybrid and modified it with experimental safety features. The new testbed is called the ESF 2009 Experimental Safety Vehicle. The features are quite interesting – inflatable metal […]


  • Daimler AG takes up 10% stake in Tesla Motors

    Daimler AG has taken up a 10% stake worth US$50 million in electric car maker Tesla Motors, a move that depends their already pre-existing relationship where Tesla would equip 1,000 Smart cars with their electric […]


  • VIDEO: Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Preview

    Mercedes-Benz is really letting alot of information on the new SLS AMG out to the public even before the full production car is unveiled or launched. We’ve previously seen sketches, self-snapped “spyshots” and even full […]


  • VIDEO: Mercedes-Benz F-CELL Roadster

    Mercedes-Benz talks about the rather odd F-CELL Roadster in this video production which you can watch after the jump. When the F-CELL Roadster was announced near the end of March this year many dismissed it […]


  • Interior photos of new SLS AMG unveiled!

    In a rather surprising move, Mercedes-Benz has released photos early of the new yet to be launched SLS AMG, the new Gullwing car to come out of Stuttgart’s stables. Mercedes-Benz the dashboard is shaped like […]


  • Mercedes Benz may pull out of Formula 1?

    The latest addition to the hot rumor pot is the possibility of Stuttgart-based auto maker Mercedes Benz pulling out of Formula 1 as the recent “lie-gate” scandal involving the McLaren Formula 1 team intensifies. Apparently, […]



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