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  • Perdana Replacement Model study still underway

    We have some comments from Proton now regarding the Perdana Replacement Model project. Unfortunately, as expected we have to source this from foreign papers. This piece of news comes from the Australian paper the Herald […]


  • Perdana Replacement Model to get I4 engine?

    CarPoint Australia has a preview article on the new Proton Satria Neo, but that’s not important. What’s interesting is something in the article regarding the upcoming Perdana Replacement Model, said to be based on the […]


  • 2008 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X Spyshots

    Brenda Priddy & Co have captured these nice spyshots of what might be the upcoming Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X, which will debut in 2008. From the spyshots on Dubspeed Driven, we can see that the […]


  • Perdana Replacement Model in April 2007

    Utusan Malaysia reports that Proton will introduce a new model developed together with Mitsubishi Motors Corporation in April 2007. MMC president Osamu Masuko says that Proton and MMC are in the final stages of partnership […]


  • Mitsubishi may pull out of US

    Mitsubishi’s last hand of cards in the US is it’s latest facelifted Mitsubishi Outlander SUV which goes on sale this fall. If it does not do well, Mitsubishi might have to pull out of the […]


  • Proton Mitsubishi feasibility study

    Proton has completed it’s technical feasibility studies with Mitsubishi, and is now waiting for commercial feasibility studies to finish. These feasibility studies are part of an MoU signed in February 2006 to explore the feasibility […]


  • NAP After-Effects: Mitsubishi cuts Lancer price

    Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia has lowered the price of it’s Mitsubishi Lancer GLX 1.6 sedan by 2%, which translates to a reduction of RM2000 to RM97,425.30, excluding insurance. Buyers who have booked the car but have […]


  • Mitsubishi 380 to be exported to Malaysia

    A team of Proton engineers met with Mitsubishi officials at Mitsubishi Australia’s Adelaide assembly plant last week to discuss the possible import of the Mitsubishi 380 large sedan into Malaysia. This followed the shipment of […]


  • Top Gear: Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution on ice

    In another of Top Gear’s crazy stunts, they pitch a Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution against a bobsled in harsh icy terrain. Good chance for you to see an Evo go wild rally style on ice. Video […]


  • Mitsubishi 380 3.8L V6

    I’m not sure if it’s because I’m abit bored of small 2-door hatchbacks, but my current tastes of cars seem to be leaning towards medium to large executive saloons lately, even though people would probably […]



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