• Italdesign Giugiaro VAD.HO concept

    Sighted at Geneva: a sporty, sleek yet unconventional car that looks like a supercar and is powered by a hybrid V12 engine. The name of Giugiaro’s VAD.HO concept is a clever play on words. It’s […]


  • Study S2000: Skoda’s Super 2000 Rally Fabia

    Skoda’s Study S2000 is a concept for a future Super 2000 Rally entry, fully complying with Super 2000 rally regulations – this means a 2.0 litre normally aspirated engine as well as a rollcage. Power […]


  • Updated price list for BMW in Malaysia

    BMW Malaysia Sdn Bhd has released a new pricelift for all BMW vehicles sold in Malaysia. The beautiful BMW M5 is now cheaper at “only” RM888,000, a very prosperous number, which you would have to […]


  • Prodrive(‘s chairman) buys Aston Martin

    And Aston Martin goes to… Prodrive! The bid for Aston Martin was won by a consortium of private investors headed by David Richards who heads Prodrive, a British automotive company that tunes cars and manages […]


  • Not a buyer’s market anymore?

    Malaysian Automotive Association (MAA) president Datuk Aishah Ahmad says all the offers and promotions that have been offered by automotive companies here in Malaysia could soon be over, with sales from March onwards expected to […]


  • Honda Small Hybrid Sports Concept

    Japanese car manufacturers seems to have decided Geneva is the place to showcase the possible successors to their flagship hybrid models. Toyota showed the Hybrid X. Now we take a look at Honda, who showed […]


  • Bentley Brooklands Coupe: only 550 units!

    This is the world’s most exclusive coupe. Only 550 units will be built. Not exactly the most beautiful thing around, however that Bentley Badge on it carries an ultra-premium. This is the Bentley Brooklands Coupe, […]


  • Najib: APs issued for cars stuck at port

    The government has shed some light on why new APs were issued when previously it was decided that APs for tune-up cars shall not be issued. Apparently, these APs are for cars already brought into […]


  • Suzuki SX4 unveiled

    Suzuki has unveiled the Suzuki SX4 Sedan at the 2007 Geneva Motor Show, with it’s American debut set to be at the New York Auto Show in April. Based on the Suxuki SX4 hatch which […]



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