• Baseline Audi A3 get new 1.4 liter TSI turbo

    The baseline Audi A3 has had it’s 1.6 litre FSI engine replaced with a 1.4 litre TSI turbocharged engine, mirroring the steps that parent Volkswagen took with the A3’s platform-mate, the Volkswagen Golf. This engine […]


  • Next generation BMW Z4 to be built in Germany

    BMW will be shifting the production of the next generation BMW Z4 back to it’s home country of Germany instead of the current Z4’s production base in Spartanburg, US. BMW wants to make the Spartanburg […]


  • UK allocation for BMW M3 snapped up

    Click to enlarge For British readers who have been thinking of buying an E92 BMW M3, looks like you won’t be able to do it anytime this year. The 700 cars that have been allocated […]


  • PM confirms Proton due diligence audit

    Our prime minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi told the press yesterday that Volkswagen was currently conducting a due diligence audit on Proton, confirming the previous report by The Edge. A due dilience audit is ann investigation […]


  • Volvo to reposition S40 and S60

    Volvo will be repositioning it’s Volvo S60 model to go against the likes of the BMW 3-Series, Audi A4 and Mercedes Benz C-Class with it’s younger sibling the Volvo S40 to be transformed into a […]


  • No made in China Lotus

    Something Lotus generally does not do is respond to individual articles in the media, but this time the British company has stepped up and responded to the recent news that Jinhua Neoplan will be assembling […]


  • Possible revival of the Toyota AE86 in 2010

    Rumours have been rife in the auto industry about the return of one particular car made legendary by a certain Japanese anime series. We’re talking about the Toyota Corolla AE86. In a scoop by Japanese […]


  • Kia Sports Coupe Concept side teaser

    Kia has released another teaser image of the Kia Sports Coupe Concept – a side profile view this time. An image of the front was released a month ago, and the 2+2 coupe will be […]


  • Porsche Cayman S – Porsche Design Edition 1

    Porsche will be launching a new special edition of it’s Cayman mid-engine coupe in November 2007 called the Porsche Cayman S “Porsche Design Edition 1”. The limited edition Cayman was conceived to be a nod […]



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