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  • Joke of the day millenium

    The Government had never supported us and did not give us a chance. It must assist us now and I hope that it will be done. The above line was quoted by PEKEMA president Datuk […]


  • Thoughts on the National Automotive Policy

    The new National Automotive Policy was released on the 22nd of March 2006. We’ve waited in anticipation for it for quite some time now. Most of us are primarily concerned on how it will affect […]


  • NAP After-Effects: Perodua reduces prices

    With the new tax structures and policies of the National Automotive Policy, Perusahaan Otomobil Kedua Sdn Bhd (Perodua) announced price cuts of between RM800 to RM1500 per vehicle, which translates to about 2% to 3% […]


  • NAP After-Effects: Toyota cars to be cheaper

    We’ve just seen one of the first effects of the new National Automotive Policy. UMW has just announced it’s passanger cars will be cheaper by 5.6% to 11% with the new tax structure, however MPVs […]


  • Malaysia National Automotive Policy

    You will find after the jump the full text of the new National Automotive Policy, reproduced verbatim. Have had no time to read through it in full yet. Will post about it tonight. For now, […]


  • National Automotive Policy News Flash

    This just in. The government will progressively phase out the Approved Permits system, with complete abolishment by December 2010. Import tariffs for ASEAN vehicles under the ASEAN Common Effective Preferential Tariff will be reduced to […]


  • BRABUS S V12 S Biturbo

    A souped up S-class. Sometimes you wonder why such monsters are even made, as the typical owner of a Mercedes Benz S-class would be chauferred around in the back seat instead of driving the car. […]


  • Suzuki Swift CKD in 2007

    [ UPDATE: Click here to read a test drive report of the new locally assembled Suzuki Swift! ] [ UPDATE: The locally assembled Suzuki Swift CKD has been launched in Malaysia and goes for RM71,943.50 […]



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