• 2007 Renault Laguna Artist’s Impression

    These are artist impressions of the upcoming 2007 Renault Laguna. Nissan’s large car platform is currently the FF-L platform. The new Renault Laguna will likely share this platform with the Nissan Altima/Nissan Primera. Rumours are […]


  • More next-gen Toyota Corolla previews

    These are new scans from Japanese magazines depicting how the new next generation Toyota Corolla sedan (JDM) will look like. It looks pretty much similiar to the previous scans by New Model Magazine X which […]


  • R3 Waja and Gen2 coming up?

    A little bird told me that Proton’s Race Rally Research division will be launching new R3 special edition variants of the Proton Waja and the Proton GEN2 very soon. While these will not be R3 […]


  • 2007/2008 Alfa Romeo 149 Artist Impression

    Alfa Romeo is preparing it’s new 149 hatchback to be launched by the year 2007 or 2008. Above is an artist impression by Italian magazine Quattroruote, apparently based on spy photos leaked from Alfa. The […]


  • BMW’s CLS fighter

    German car magazine AutoBild reports that BMW is developing a four-door sedan model to go against the Mercedes Benz CLS Coupe and the upcoming Audi A7. The artist’s impression doesn’t seem to indicate a B […]


  • 2008 Audi A5 Artist’s Impression

    This is AutoBild’s artist’s impression of the upcoming Audi A5 due to be launched in 2008. The Audi A5 will be based on the Audi A4, and like it’s namesake will be positioned between the […]


  • Proton Waja Z Supercharged – 150hp

    Utusan Malaysia carried a report yesterday quoting an unnamed source that Proton would be unveiling a new Proton Waja model which would be equipped with a Kleemann supercharger system by the end of the year […]


  • 2010 BMW Z8 Artist Impression

    AutoBild has news on BMW’s upcoming BMW Z8 successor, as well as artist impressions of what the car could look like, as well as some other impressions on future BMW cars. More after the jump.


  • Audi A1 artist impression

    There are rumours that Audi may consider developing an Audi A1 to go against the likes of the BMW MINI Cooper. It may be based on the Volkswagen Fox platform. Autobild has artist’s impressions of […]



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