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  • Clearer Proton BLM Side Profile Spyshots

    These clear photos were shot by KM_Survivor of the Lensa Malaysia forums, a Malaysian photography forum, which explains why the photos are of such good quality! It shows the side profile of the new Proton […]


  • Proton Waja CPS spotted!

    I think we have spyshots of all of Proton’s upcoming models now. Reader Kevin Lee has sent in these shots of what most likely is a Waja CPS. Notice the badging on the top left […]


  • Proton BLM Artist’s Impression by Maru

    These renderings of what Proton’s upcoming base line Saga Replacement Model, or “Proton BLM” could look like were done by reader maru/chaku, who based it on a Proton Savvy modified to be a three box […]


  • New Proton GEN2 Sedan spotted in white

    It seems like today is spyshot day. Spyshots of three new Proton models all at once? We saw what could be the new Saga replacement model or Proton BLM earlier, and the GEN2 Hatchback with […]


  • Is this the new Proton BLM?

    What’s this now? Reader Chris sent in these photos of a new Proton sedan spotted on the North South Expressway. We assume it is a Proton because the Proton GEN2 CPS 1.6 hatchback in the […]


  • Proton GEN2 with CPS badging spotted!

    [ UPDATE: The facelifted Proton GEN2 with a new range of Campro IAFM and Campro CPS engines has been launched in Malaysia! Click for more details. ] [ UPDATE: The facelifted Proton GEN2 with the […]


  • ChangAn CM8 spotted in Malaysia!

    UPDATE: The CM8 has been launched in Malaysia as the Chana Era CM8, the cheapest 7-seater in Malaysia with a price tag starting from under RM40k. A long time ago back in December 2005, there […]


  • Proton Satria Neo GTI Artist’s Impression

    Click to enlarge Inspired by the spyshots of the performance-oriented Proton Satria Neo prototype posted earlier today, talented Theophilus Chin has worked some photoshop magic and produced this artist’s impression of a Proton Satria Neo […]


  • Possible Proton Satria Neo GTI Spotted?

    A reader sent in these photos of what appears to be a more aggressively kitted Proton Satria Neo complete with something that looks like a big cardboard made to look like an intercooler smack in […]



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