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  • Audi A1 sketches leaked!

    Car Magazine has some exclusive juicy details on the new Audi A1. The upcoming Audi A1 will not be a premium 2008 Volkswagen Polo with a new body as some of you might be expecting. […]


  • BMW X6 sloping coupe roofline exposed!

    Finally that heavy masking has come off the upcoming BMW X6 test mule’s rear end and we get to see how the roofline of the X6 slopes like a coupe… they weren’t kidding apparently. Looking […]


  • Proton puts up new sedan teaser

    Proton has started putting up a teaser promotion for it’s new sedan on it’s website. We call it the GEN2 Sedan, however it looks like the new Proton sedan might most likely be called something […]


  • Production Lancer Evolution sighted undisguised

    Motor Authority has spyshots of the upcoming Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution undisguised, letting us have a look at what it looks like way ahead of it’s international debut at the 2007 Tokyo Motor Show in late […]


  • Production Kia Soul sighted

    A production version of the funky Kia Soul has been spotted on a trailer somewhere in Europe. Kia previously announced that it would launch the Kia Soul in 2008 as a 2009 model. If you […]


  • Uncovered Honda Accord sedan and coupe spotted!

    The boys at Jalopnik have exclusive photos of a fully undisguised Honda Accord Sedan as well as a fully undisguised Honda Accord Coupe! Following the tradition of Malaysia getting the USDM Accord as our local […]


  • Clearer Proton BLM Side Profile Spyshots

    These clear photos were shot by KM_Survivor of the Lensa Malaysia forums, a Malaysian photography forum, which explains why the photos are of such good quality! It shows the side profile of the new Proton […]


  • Proton Waja CPS spotted!

    I think we have spyshots of all of Proton’s upcoming models now. Reader Kevin Lee has sent in these shots of what most likely is a Waja CPS. Notice the badging on the top left […]


  • Proton BLM Artist’s Impression by Maru

    These renderings of what Proton’s upcoming base line Saga Replacement Model, or “Proton BLM” could look like were done by reader maru/chaku, who based it on a Proton Savvy modified to be a three box […]


  • New Proton GEN2 Sedan spotted in white

    It seems like today is spyshot day. Spyshots of three new Proton models all at once? We saw what could be the new Saga replacement model or Proton BLM earlier, and the GEN2 Hatchback with […]



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