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  • 2008 Subaru Impreza to be a hatch

    Subaru will be changing the all too familiar sedan shape of it’s rally-inspired Subaru Impreza car to a hatchback form when it’s next incarnation is introduced in 2008. We’ve kind of known this was going […]


  • Top Gear Prodrive P2

    Top Gear tries out the Prodrive P2, Prodrive’s first entirely self-developed car using a Subaru Impreza turbocharged flat-four engine. The Prodrive P2 went from concept to a full working model in only 9 months. It’s […]


  • French police procure Subaru Impreza WRX chase cars

    Fuji Heavy Industries has just won a contract to supply high-speed chase cars for the Gerdarmerie Nationale police of France. Fuju Heavy Industries who manufactures Subaru cars, will supply 63 Subaru Impreza WRX cars to […]


  • Subaru to develop turbodiesel boxer engine

    While Subaru has decided to use Toyota hybrid technology in it’s efforts to improve fuel economy for it’s petrol-powered vehicles, it has decided to develop it’s own turbodiesel engine to address demands for diesel cars […]


  • Subaru Group N rally cars to be built in Singapore

    Motor Image, a Tan Chong International Ltd company based in Singapore will be building Subaru Impreza rally cars together with Prodrive UK, the company behind the Subaru Rally Team. The rally cars will be produced […]


  • Toyota and Subaru to co-develop hybrid engine

    Since Toyota’s 8.7% stake purchase in Fuji Heavy Industries which makes Subaru cars, there has been on-going talks on the usage of Toyota’s hybrid engines in Subaru cars. But this proved to be difficult due […]


  • Subaru Liberty Blitzen Limited Edition

    This is the Australian limited edition version of the Subaru Liberty Blitzen unveiled by Subaru at the Melbourne International Motor Show. While the Subaru Liberty Blitzen has been available in the Japanese market for quite […]


  • 2007 Subaru B9 Tribeca

    Subaru unveiled this facelifted version of it’s luxury SUV Subaru B9 Tribeca at the 2006 Chicago Auto Show recently. This is Subaru’s entry into a more upmarket segment of the automotive market, after spending years […]


  • Prodrive P2

    I previously posted on the Prodrive P2 Concept back in mid-December last year. What we had before are only concept drawings, but these are photos of the proper 2-seater sports car, which went from concept […]



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