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  • NAP After-Effects: Suzuki prices up

    As the result of the new CBU and CKD car tax structure and gazetted CBU pricelist under the new National Automotive Policy, prices for the CBU Suzuki Swift and CBU Suzuki APV have gone up. […]

  • DRB-HICOM aggresive CKD plans

    DRB-HICOM plans to aggresively start CKD operations following the announcement of the National Automotive Policy in order to capitalise on new opportunities and incentives that arise directly or indirectly through the new policy. DRB-HICOM’s company […]

  • Suzuki Swift CKD in 2007

    [ UPDATE: Click here to read a test drive report of the new locally assembled Suzuki Swift! ] [ UPDATE: The locally assembled Suzuki Swift CKD has been launched in Malaysia and goes for RM71,943.50 […]

  • Suzuki SX4 WRC Concept

    This is Suzukis’ SX4 WRC Concept. I previously blogged about the third in Suzuki’s new trio of cars the Suzuki SX4 here. The four wheel drive equipped Suzuki SX4 is a joint-venture together with Fiat, […]

  • 2007 Suzuki SX4

    Suzuki has announced the third of a series of new models, joining the Swift and Grand Vitara. The SX4 is the Grand Vitara’s ‘little brother’ and it’s platform is a joint venture development with Fiat. […]

  • Suzuki LC Concept

    The Suzuki LC Concept is a K-car concept designed to target the segment that loves the Austin Mini’s design cues, much alike the Daihatsu Mira Gino.

  • Suzuki IONIS

    Suzuki unveiled this interesting automotive work of art at the Tokyo Motor Show 2005. This concept car is called the Suzuki IONIS.

  • Suzuki Swift Sport

    The Suzuki Swift is a zippy little car that’s on our shores in CBU form. Now the fun little car is going to get even more fun!


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