• BMW TurboSteamer

    BMW’s Group Research and Engineering division has come up with something new to squeeze out every ounce of performance from a combustion engine. Let’s have a look at BMW’s Turbosteamer.


  • Airzed WiMAX Test

    I previously blogged about AirZed introducing WiMAX broadband services here in Malaysia. The only package available right now is the Business package which provides 1mbps download and 512kbps upload with 1 fixed IP. It costs […]


  • An alarm system that snaps photos

    A team of 4 university students from York University have created an experimental project that could help identify car thieves or car accessory thieves at least.


  • Jaguar XK safety lid

    Not sure if stuff like these belong in gadget blogs or a car blog! Jaguar has showcased it’s new Pyrotechnic Pedestrian Deployable Bonnet System used on the Jaguar XK.


  • Google Wifi

    Google has launched a free Wi-Fi service in San Fransisco. Together with it’s Wi-Fi service, it has also launched a free VPN service so that Wi-Fi users can encrypt their over-the-air data. Since their e-mail […]


  • Bandwidth Caps for Broadband?

    I was surfing Jaring’s website to find out more information about it’s wired broadband service when I came across this clause in it’s MY015 Reach package. 8. Free usage of up to 2000MB of data […]


  • Google Talk Released

    This is a short post. Rushing my Final Year Project prototype presentation. Will be back with more auto posts after I’m done! Google’s IM long-anticipated IM service Google Talk is out. Head over to Kah […]


  • TM opens last mile, Jaring first customer

    This is something which I’ve never thought would happen. Telekom Malaysia, recently rebranded as TM has opened up it’s last mile POTS access. This means other broadband providers can offer internet access through areas covered […]


  • Variable Geometry Toroidal Engine (Round Engine)

    I’ve stumbled upon this new way of making combustion engines called Round Engine, or it’s more techy-sounding name Variable Geometry Toroidal (VGT). At first I thought it’s some kind of rotary engine but it’s not. […]



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