• Powershift dual-clutch to debut in S40/V50 diesels

    Volvo will debut it’s new hydraulically controlled dual-clutch gearbox in diesel variants of it’s Volvo S40 sedan and Volvo V50 stationwagon models, coinciding with a mid-life facelift of the two cars. Parent company Ford also […]


  • E-plates: RFID number plate for cars

    Malaysian-registered cars will receive the equivalent of the MyKad system early next year – number plates called e-plates which will contain RFID tags which will contain information about the vehicle and it’s owner. The e-plate […]


  • Suzuki MIO – fuel cell wheel chair

    Blogger Peter Tan might be very interested in this. While the rest of the automotive industry is focusing on applying fuel cell technology on cars, Suzuki is applying the technology in the powered wheelchair market […]


  • Volkswagen Nanospyder Concept

    This is the Volkswagen Nanospyder. A two seater Ariel Atom-like car that runs on hydrogen fuel cells powering in-wheel electric motors. It has a strong spine, on which other components is bolted on, and the […]


  • Hydrogen electrolysis advancement

    A research team from the Tokyo University of Science and the Japan Science and Technology Agency has managed to use gallium nitride (GaN) crystals to extract hydrogen from water, which might lead to the development […]


  • Chery JV develops hydrogen fuel cell car

    Chery Automobile Co., Ltd, J&K Technologies Inc and Tsinghua University has developed a hydrogen fuel cell car which can reach a top speed of 80 km/h and like a traditional hydrogen fuel cell vehicle, emits […]


  • BMW Hydrogen 7

    BMW’s Hydrogen 7 is a 100-unit production ready car, powered by a 260hp V12 engine which takes the car from 0-100km/h in 9.5 seconds thanks to 390Nm of torque which peaks at 4,300rpm. While 6.0 […]


  • Sharp’s In-vehicle dash LCD

    Sharp has developed a special LCD display that can be used for in-car dashboard meter panels, thanks to it’s 1500:1 contrast radio – the industry’s highest! The new 8 inch screen has a pixel count […]



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