• Kia VG Sedan Production Photos Leaked!

    Click for larger image A larger Forte with softer lines to match its more stately demeanor can’t be a bad thing. And Kia agrees – here’s the new Kia VG. Click for larger image That […]


  • New Megane Renault Sport: details and photos

    The latest generation Megane has been given the Renault Sport touch. Under the hood is a 250 horsepower twin-scroll turbocharged 2.0 litre inline-4 motor that puts out 340Nm of torque at 3,000rpm, with 80% of […]


  • Toyota Auris gets facelifted in Japan

    Toyota Auris gets facelifted in Japan

    The last time there was an update to the Auris and covered on this blog, the 1.4 litre model was replaced with the new Dual VVT-i 1.33 litre engine with auto start-stop capabilities. This happened […]


  • More Daihatsu K-Car Concepts for Tokyo 2009

    Want a cheap “landaulet”? Get a Daihatsu Basket Concept when it goes into production. Right now it’s just a concept little lifestyle “K-truck” with a removable soft top over the rear seats. There’s even a […]


  • Pininfarina Bluecar EV slated for 2011 launch

    Pininfarina is a name that has been heavily associated with Ferrari, but it’s going to have its own car soon. They are scheduled to introduce their new all-electric Bluecar in 2011. The production Bluecar that […]


  • Tokyo 2009: Compact Nissan Roox to debut

    Nissan will officially launch the Nissan Roox compact car at the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show. The Roox will join other vehicles like the Nissan Land Glider Concept and the Nissan NV200 Vanette Taxi at the […]


  • HUMMER to be sold to Chinese firm Tengzhong

    It’s done – HUMMER has been sold to a relatively unknown Chinese company called Sichuan Tengzhong Heavy Industrial Machinery or rather just simply Tengzhong. The sale includes the HUMMER brand, trademarks, tradenames, and the intellectual […]


  • Google developing EV charging platform

    I love most stuff from Google. I use Google Apps and Gmail for my email, I communicate with Google Talk, and I use the mainstream Google Search for my search needs. A piece of interesting […]


  • 2009 Honda StepWGN launched in Japan

    An all-new fourth generation Honda StepWGN was launched in Japan last week. You can expect probably expect some units to arrive in Malaysia early next year as there is an “active” importer for the StepWGN […]



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