• New Ford Focus Artist’s Impression

    This is what the next Ford Focus might look like. The current Ford Focus being sold on our local shores was first introduced in 2004, and it’s about time for a mid-life facelift now instead […]


  • Thailand gives Malaysia AFTA rates, finally

    Thailand gives Malaysia AFTA rates, finally

    Thailand has finally granted Malaysian AFTA CEPT preferential rates, dropping tariffs for items coming into Thailand from Malaysia from 20% to 5%. Full details of this approval would be announced later by the Finance Ministry […]


  • Alfa Romeo 159 TI (Turismo Internazionale)

    The Alfa Romeo 159 has been graced with the famous TI badge. TI stands for Turismo Internazionale and both the sedan and Sportwagon 159 variants will have this new trim level in their range. The […]


  • Porsche dabbles in Touareg product planning

    There is a tussle in the boardroom of Volkswagen AG over the Porsche Cayenne and the Volkswagen Touareg. Porsche is using it’s majority stake shareholding to influence Volkswagen product planning and marketing, especially with it’s […]


  • New D2 Phaeton to be smaller than Audi A8

    Volkswagen’s new second generation Phaeton will be developed using Audi’s new MLP platform, and will be smaller than it’s stable-mate the Audi A8 in interests of product differentiation. The new Audi A8 will be revealed […]


  • Scion might develop Scion xP pick-up

    Toyota is considering adding a small monocoque two-door pick-up truck (think Proton Arena) to the Scion car line-up, which should fit right in to the whole youth and lifestyle angle of the Scion marque. Rumours […]


  • Bosch develops new solenoid valve injector

    Piezo fuel injectors are all the rage for turbodiesel engines these days for the superior performance they have. Pieze injectors (graphic shown) can inject fuel using multiple jets and multiple injections per cycle, and is […]


  • Volkswagen Golf GT wins Barcelona award

    The Volkswagen Golf GT is quickly becoming a favourite with the automotive world, heck, even I wish I could lay my hands on one, and the little boost meter on the top right of this […]


  • New Toyota-Isuzu turbodiesel engine plant

    Increasing demand for diesel-burning Toyota cars in the European market has prompted isuzu to build a new plant in Japan to increase supply to keep up with demand. The new US$110.5 million plant in Hokkaido […]



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