• Chery to build small car for Chrysler

    Chrysler is looking into using Chery Automobile to assemble a small car for the international non-US market. The car will be sold under the Dodge or Chrysler brand. This could allow Chrysler and Dodge to […]


  • Toyota Prius sales down

    Sales for the Toyota Prius in April 2006 has dropped nearly 25% compared to April 2005, the same time period last year. Toyota sold 7,500 Toyota Prius hybrids in April 2006, compared to 11,345 in […]


  • Saudi King slashes petrol prices

    Saudi Arabia is a country which is really oil-rich. While the rest of the world is struggling with high oil prices, King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia has decreed that oil prices in Saudi Arabia will […]


  • BMW 3 Series Coupe – BMW 335i

    After the launch of the new E90 BMW 3-series (and E91 BMW 3-series station wagon) which has been on Malaysian roads for quite some time now, BMW has finally revealed the 2-door version of the […]


  • Nissan GT-R announced

    Nissan Motor’s CEO Carlos Ghosn has announced that the next generation Skyline R35 will be marketed in the US market as a Nissan. It will be called the Nissan GT-R. The production version of this […]


  • Peugeot plants trees in Brazil

    How nice. Peugeot has been planting trees since 1999 in Brazil, as part of it’s contribution to the environment to compensate for the pollution that Peugoet cars produce. It’s not that Peugeot cars are less […]


  • MINI Dragster – The World’s Fastest MINI

    This is the world’s fastest MINI Cooper, a machine built by MINI USA and Fireball Tim Drag Racing. It isn’t just a wild claim though, it actually holds the actual official title for “World’s fastest […]


  • French police procure Subaru Impreza WRX chase cars

    Fuji Heavy Industries has just won a contract to supply high-speed chase cars for the Gerdarmerie Nationale police of France. Fuju Heavy Industries who manufactures Subaru cars, will supply 63 Subaru Impreza WRX cars to […]


  • Proton and Chery discussing two-way partnership

    More developments on Malaysia-China automotive industry relations. Previously there were rumours on Proton’s involvement with Jinhua Youngman and Chery. Jinhua Youngman was believed to have entered a deal with Proton to assemble Proton CKD kits […]


  • Subaru to develop turbodiesel boxer engine

    While Subaru has decided to use Toyota hybrid technology in it’s efforts to improve fuel economy for it’s petrol-powered vehicles, it has decided to develop it’s own turbodiesel engine to address demands for diesel cars […]



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