• Thai trucks to invade USA

    A free trade agreement has just been signed between the United States and Thailand. This could lead to the influx of cheap Thai trucks into the US market. This would result in the lift of […]


  • Diesel Lamborghini Soon

    Italian supercar company Lamborghini is currently testing a diesel-powered version of the Lamborghini Gallardo.


  • Big Brother’s Watching Your Speed

    This is the ultimate way to curb speeding. A satellite-based system that will monitor a vehicle’s speed and applies the brakes or cuts acceleration if the driver tried to exceed it. After a six-month trial […]



Latest Fuel Prices

RON 95 RM1.66 (-0.05)
RON 97 RM1.96 (-0.05)
RON 100 RM2.48
VPR RM2.69
EURO 2M RM1.72 (-0.06)
EURO 5 RM1.82 (-0.06)
Last Updated 12 Sep 2020