• Kicherer K35 CS C-Class

    Another tuner lays it’s hands on the new W204 Mercedes Benz C-Class – this time it’s Kicherer. The Kicherer K35 CS takes the C350 up 34 horses to 306 horsepower, while it’s oil burner tuned […]


  • Wiedeking: Bugatti and Lamborghini to go

    Wendelin Wiedeking has indicated that the Volkswagen Group could possibly ditch Bugatti and Lamborghini. Wiedeking is the current president and CEO of Porsche, and sits on the Volkswagen supervisory board. Since Porsche pretty much owns […]


  • Hyundai i30 CW Station Wagon

    The second variant of Hyundai’s new i30 series of cars for the European market has been revealed. This is the Hyundai i30 Wagon. It doesn’t look bad at all, though the side profile reminds me […]


  • All US cars must feature stability control by 2011

    The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration of the USA has now made stability control mandatory on all vehicles below 4535kg beginning September 2011. The September 2011 deadline applies for carmakers that produce over 5,000 cars […]


  • Al-Qabba might setup Saudi Proton assembly

    A Saudi Arabian private company under the Al-Qabba Group called Malaysian Centre plans to setup a Proton assembly plant in Saudi Arabia to market Proton cars in the Middle Eastern market. Malaysian Centre is currently […]


  • Volvo S40 and V50 facelifted

    Volvo has launched the new facelifted versions of it’s Volvo S40 sedan and the Volvo V50 stationwagon. The styling cues have been updated to reflect Volvo’s new design cues that started with the new latest […]


  • World Car Of The Year 2007 Awards

    The results of the World Car Of The Year 2007 awards have been announced, and the winner is the Lexus LS460! The LS is available on our local shores in long wheelbase form – the […]


  • Volkswagen developing low-cost cars

    Volkswagen under Martin Winterkorn’s leadership is currently developing two low-end car platforms in parallel. One is being developed in Brazil, and following the lead of the low cost Renault/Dacia Logan, would be sold first in […]


  • Volvo to drop R performance badge

    Volvo’s R badge was originally intended to change the public’s perception on Volvo. While being known for safety is a great branding achivement by itself, it wanted people to know that Volvo is just not […]



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