• Seoul Motor Show, not Seoul Model Show!

    How many of you go to motorshows not for the cars, but for the scantically clad ladies standing around the cars? I know that sometimes the intention can be split 50:50 between the two. If […]


  • Infiniti G37 features new VQ37VHR engine

    Infiniti has updated their G Coupe with a new engine. Some might recognise this car as the Nissan Skyline V35, which carries the legend’s moniker but hardly any of it’s spirit. For one, the potent […]


  • Toxins in Your Car Interior

    Many are concerned with the amount of pollutants that a car is expelling from it’s exhaust, and the harm it does to the environment. But strangely, there is not much focus on toxins inside the […]


  • Woman drives Mercedes Benz SL500 into river

    A woman in her late 20s driving a Mercedes Benz SL500 costing £96,000 drove her car into a ford and ended up getting washed downstream the river until a stable-owner heard her and risked her […]


  • Zap releases more details on ZAP-X

    Remember Zap? I reported earlier in February that US electric car maker Zap was employing the services of Lotus to develop the ZAP-X for them, an all-wheel drive crossover MPV which would be fully powered […]


  • Aston Martin Rapide: Safety by Volvo

    Aston Martin will be procuring Volvo’s help to develop the Aston Martin Rapide 4-door sedan‘s safety system. Volvo’s safety engineering expertise was also used previously on the DB9 and V8 Vantage models. Volvo will develop […]


  • Proton Cars Get Some International Attention

    Proton’s Gen2, Savvy and Satria Neo, regarded as the first few cars in a generation of Protons that attempt to breakaway from the Mitsubishi rebadging era have been making it’s way around the globe. The […]



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