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  • 2006 Nissan Bluebird Sylphy

    UPDATE: The Nissan Sylphy has been launched in Malaysia! Two model variants are available, both with 2.0L engines. Click to read more and find out details and pricing. Nissan has launched it’s Nissan Bluebird Sylphy […]


  • Proton and MV Agusta meeting

    Short piece of news. Proton Holdings and MV Agusta management met up on Wednesday to discuss MV Agusta’s future, according to Corrierre della Sera, citing sources. Proton no longer believes it’s 57.7% investment in MV […]


  • Hyundai and Kia to get new vehicle styling

    Hyundai and Kia designs have always been a ‘rojak’ patchwork of other car designs and they know it, and admit it. We have the new Sonata looking like an Accord, and the previous generation Sonata […]


  • Volkswagen EcoRacer first on road test

    Volkswagen’s EcoRacer was taken to the race tracks for a spin by 34 motor journalists from 9 countries. The journalists covered 1200km over 3 days at a racetrack in Pau, South of France.


  • China automotive trade breach

    The European Commission is threathening legal action against China for discrimination against European car companies, with their latest decision to revise tax tariffs for car parts which indirectly forces companies to source components from Chinese […]


  • GM turning Japanese?

    Billionaire investor Kirk Kerkorian was the person who orchestrated Chrysler’s sale to DaimlerBenz a decade ago. Now he’s trying to do it again with troubled GM, but this time he’s trying to sell it to […]


  • 2008/2009 Infiniti GT-R

    Nissan Motor Co has decided the new R35 Skyline GT-R will be sold in the US under the Infiniti brand, as the Infiniti GT-R. Nissan executives have been battling for the Skyline to debut with […]


  • SRM in Australia early 2006

    Proton’s media release department seems to favour the foreign markets more than our own local market. In a release by Proton Cars Australia, Proton says the new Satria Replacement Model three-door hatch will be released […]


  • Forbes Automotive Turkeys of 2005

    Forbes has published a list of the Automotive Turkeys of 2005. Turkeys, like lemons, are words used to describe failures. Maybe sales are bad. Maybe they fall apart after a few drives. Note that the […]


  • SUV versus Cars crash tests

    With the abundance of SUVs and trucks on the road these days, the issue of what would happen when a higher SUV bumper collides with a car. Most of the times, the car would slide […]



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