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  • Naza to make Peugeot 206 1.4

    Naza and Automobiles Peugeot signed an agreement today to produce a locally manufactured and branded version of the Peugeot 206 car for local and regional export markets. Naza will be manufacturing a Peugeot 206 branded […]


  • Proton’s Doubtful Debts

    When Proton announced that it made a pre-tax loss of RM4.3 million for for Q1 2005, it explained that it was due to a higher allowance for doubtful debts and higher component costs. Higher component […]


  • Petronas E01 sold to China’s Nanjing Automobile

    Petronas Media Relations Department released this statement on 2nd September 2005 regarding the signing of a Letter of Intent between Petronas, Nanjing Automobile Corporation (NAC) and Brilliant Culture Group Limited (BCG).


  • Rafidah reconciles with Dr. M

    Rafidah Aziz gave Dr. M a hug today in what appeared to be a reconciliation between the two, after their ‘father-daughter’ relationship went through some trouble due to the AP issue.


  • No more APs for Wald

    MITI has stopped the issue of APs for the Wald marque based on reports of non- compliance with import regulations by the local importer Amazing Tempo Sdn. Bhd. Amazing Tempo Sdn Bhd is owned by […]


  • Proton first quarter 2005 Financial Results

    Proton recorded a pre-tax loss of RM4.3 million for the first quarter 2005 ended June 30 2005 compared to the previous pre-tax profit of RM198.3 million in the corresponding quarter. Proton said the loss was […]


  • Mahathir Returns Company Cars

    Proton advisor Tun Dr. Mahathir returned the seven vehicles given to him by Proton for personal and official use supposedly to show displeasure over the removal of Tengku Mahaleel as chief executive. He returned the […]



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