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  • Proton Loses Top Executives

    Three top Proton executives have quit. The executives are head of group finance Tan Seng Lee, head of internal audit, Colin Low, and head of public relations, Fauziyah Abu Hassan.


  • Proton to build RM40 million third plant

    Proton Holdings Bhd might be spending another RM40 million ringgit to build another plant near it’s existing Shah Alam plant. The new plant is intended to be used as the main base for manufacturing Volkswagen’s […]


  • Rafidah to explain today

    Rafidah is supposed to explain all the controversial issues regarding the AP system today. I don’t think she can skip the meeting again. Among matters to be explained are what are the criteria of giving […]


  • Proton-Volkswagen Talks Continue

    Proton’s talks with Volkswagen are still on-going while analysts ponder over the possible outcomes. The Government will not give up the 42.7% stake that it has in Proton through it’s investment arm Khazanah Nasional Bhd. […]


  • Volkswagen wants 50% plus 1 share

    Proton seems to be a hot item right now. News is that Volkswagen now wants 50% plus 1 share stake in Proton Holdings Bhd, and wants management control. This would make it the majority shareholder […]


  • More AP Updates

    Rafidah says she is too hurt to reply. But the cabinet wants to hear her side of the story. The ball is in her court. Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak says she might be asked […]


  • Fuel prices are UP again

    Fuel prices went up again, effected 12:00AM 31st July 2005. Petrol is up 10 cents, diesel up 20 cents and Liquified Petroleum Gas is up 5 cents.



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