• Renault V10 engine sings

    Renault V10 engine sings

    This is something really amusing. As most of you should know, Renault’s F1 team won the 2005 Formula 1 championship. To celebrate their victory, Renault put one of their RS25 V10 Formula 1 engines on […]


  • Proton Waja FR (with Video)

    Another eye-opener at the recent R3 Street Shootout at Batu Kawan, Penang. Tengku Djan participated in the Drift session and emerged champion in a Proton Waja.


  • Proton Savvy and Perodua Myvi Handling

    Autoworld reports on the R3 Street Shootout at Batu Kawan, Penang. The highlight of the day for the average Malaysian car enthusiast would be the shoot-out between the Proton Savvy and the Perodua Myvi in […]


  • Toyota V8 Power!

    Here’s an interview with Toyota’s technical director of engines on the 2006 V8 engine which the team tested recently. The engine is expected to produce about 730-760 horsepower which is about 80% of the best […]


  • 2006 Cosworth 2.4 V8 F1 Engine

    2006 Cosworth 2.4 V8 F1 Engine

    Formula One will switch to 2.4 litre V8 engines in 2006. Cosworth has already begun dyno testing it’s V8 engine. The engine revs all the way up to 20,000rpm where the electronic rev limiter kicks […]


  • F1 Fans Dislike Sepang

    F1 Fans Dislike Sepang

    FIA recently announced the results of the biggest F1 survey ever done. Something interesting which I noticed in the results of the survey. Apparently most Formula 1 fans dislike the Sepang track. Other tracks which […]


  • Petronas Considering Quitting F1

    First it was the rally scene, now it looks like the Malaysia will some of lose it’s exposure in the Formula 1 scene too. Good thing we are still hosting 1 of the races so […]



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