• Man sues himself for hitting his own car

    This is just some weird news. Happened in California today. Curtis Gokey’s car was hit by a Lodi city dump truck. And he’s suing the city hall for damages to his car. The only thing […]


  • Volkswagen Golf GTI Un-pimp Your Ride

    These are hilarious. A statement against riced-up “ah beng” pimped rides, and promoting the new Volkswagen Golf GTI in the USA at the same time. Thanks to cbljkkj for the pointer. I’m trying out hosting […]


  • Soaring Oil Prices Jokes

    Here are some petrol price-related jokes. Should help give you a laugh and lighten your hearts while you pay for your petrol bills with heavy hearts.


  • Renault V10 engine sings

    This is something really amusing. As most of you should know, Renault’s F1 team won the 2005 Formula 1 championship. To celebrate their victory, Renault put one of their RS25 V10 Formula 1 engines on […]


  • ProtonEdar.com

    This is something amusing. Key in www.protonedar.com in your web browser URL bar. Look where it takes you. I looked up the domain name to check out who is the one responsible for this and […]


  • An Amusing Usage for the Proton Savvy?

    This is a weird way to prove the strength of the Proton Savvy chassis. I don’t know whether to call it an honour or an insult. Quite amusing :P Don’t take it too seriously, it’s […]


  • Honda Diesel Engine Advertisement

    Hate can be a positive emotion sometimes. Not necessarily a dark side emotion. Which is what “Hate something, change something” by Garrison Keillor is trying to say. The song is being used by Honda for […]



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