• Honda Civic Type R at Geneva 2006

    Honda will showcase a concept model of the new Honda Civic Type R at the 2006 Geneva Motor Show. AutoExpress says contrary to speculation, the Civic Type R will not have a new 2.2 litre […]


  • Honda Civic Euro Video

    This is Honda’s promotional footage for the Honda Civic Euro hatchback, which is of course available in Europe only unless you import one in. It has a different two-tiered dashboard design than the USDM and […]


  • 2006 Honda Civic in Malaysia – Front Spyshot

    A reader sent this in. The 2006 Honda Civic, this time with a frontal spyshot. Looking good. The square Honda badge’s outline is kind of visible through all the masking. Headlamps disguised. And it kind […]


  • 2006 Honda Civic Spyshots in Malaysia

    Looks like the new 2006 Honda Civic is set to be on Malaysian roads pretty soon. These spy shots were sent in by a reader, and apparently they were shot being test driven in Shah […]


  • Honda Civic Hybrid Modulo Concept

    This is a pretty cool Modulo bodykit concept for the Honda Civic Hybrid. I’m falling in love with the 2006 Honda Civic more and more. Probably because it’s such a big improvement over the previous […]


  • Mugen Honda Civic Dominator Concept

    I’m officially in love… with this hot new concept from Mugen Power. This is their Mugen Honda Civic Dominator concept, to be shown at the Tokyo Auto Salon 2006. I wish I could be there, […]


  • 2006 Honda Civic Modulo

    Honda Access has released the 2006 Honda Civic’s Modulo bodykit. Looks pretty hot. I can’t wait till Honda Malaysia brings in the Asean version of the Honda Civic. I heard the styling cues are going […]


  • 2006 Honda Civic JDM Model

    The previous 2006 Honda Civic photos which I’ve posted are the US/European model. As usual, the JDM model for the Civic has a totally different styling.


  • 2006 Honda Civic Photos

    For those who can’t get enough of the sexy new 2006 Honda Civic, here are more shots of the car for you. These are pictures of both the coupe and sedan models. As usual, you […]


  • 2006 Honda Civic Dashboard

    Honda’s interior for the 2006 Civic is screaming unorthodox. You thought centre dashboard meters were weird, but Honda has implemented a dual-tiered dashboard for this incarnation of the Civic.



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