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  • Volkswagen teams up with Sanyo for battery R&D

    Volkswagen is partnering up with Sanyo to jointly develop high-performance energy storage systems, or in laymen speak batteries that can store LOTS of juice. According to Vee-Dub, Sanyo is currently the world’s biggest supplier of […]


  • Bosch aims to be leader in hybrid technology

    Robert Bosch CEO Bernd Bohr says the company wants to be the world’s leading supplier of hybrid technology, and has increased its hybrid technology engineering staff to a total of 400, up from just 100 […]


  • Toyota to phase out Hybrid Synergy Drive brand

    Toyota’s Hybrid Synergy Drive badging will soon be phased out, according to Toyota Motor Sales USA’s president Jim Lentz. Instead, future hybrid-only models by Toyota will have Prius badging, and conventionally powered cars that also […]


  • Hyundai to launch first hybrid in 2009

    Hyundai will be launching its first mass production hybrid car in 2009, the Hyundai Avante LPI (also known as the Elantra LPI). This will be followed by other models and by 2012 Hyundai plans to […]


  • BMW Vision EfficientDynamics Concept diesel hybrid

    Click to enlarge BMW will showcase its new BMW Vision EfficientDynamics Concept at the 2008 Geneva Motor Show in mid-March 2008. The BMW Vision EfficientDynamics Concept is essentially a BMW X5 with a turbodiesel hybrid […]


  • Ssangyong to exhibit turbodiesel hybrid at Geneva

    Ssangyong has announced that the company will be exhibiting a turbodiesel-hybrid concept at the 2008 Geneva Motor Show which will improve efficiency of their existing vehicles by about 30%. No other details has been released, […]


  • Volkswagen space up! blue Concept

    The Volkswagen space up! blue is the third in the range of New Small Family concepts that include the Volkswagen up! concept and the Volkswagen space up! concept. The blue suffix on this concept refers […]



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