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  • Mercedes-Benz F-CELL Roadster Concept

    First of all, what’s with the bicycle wheels??? Actually this is more like an extreme example of retro-futurism as all the first few cars including Henry Ford’s had wheels that looked like this. In actual […]


  • Kia Forte LPI Hybrid 1.6L unveiled for Korea!

    The Kia Forte LPI Hybrid runs on Liquefied Petroleum Gas (used in Korea, we use CNG here in our NGVs) and its 1.6 liter Gamma LPI HEV engine is assisted by an electric motor sandwiched between the engine and the CVT gearbox. Power output is 114 PS and a peak torque of 148Nm.


  • Blue Energy Co Ltd: Honda and GS Yuasa JV

    GS Yuasa and Honda have announced the name of their new JV company – Blue Energy Co Ltd. It will be established on the 1st of April 2009 and will focus on the manufacturing, sales […]


  • BMW reveals plans to build compact hybrid cars

    Bavarian auto maker BMW has revealed its plans to produce a compact or small sized hybrid vehicle via BMW’s Chairman Norbert Reithofer at BMW Group’s Annual Accounts Press Conference. This project, which is called the […]


  • 2020 Hyundai City Car Concept

    Nicolas Stone, a recent graduate from the College of Creative Studies has designed the concept you see above, dubbed as the 2020 City Car Concept with the help of Korean-based auto maker, Hyundai. Featuring a […]


  • Toyota rumored to produce a hybrid coupe

    Words are being exchanged in the motoring fraternity that Japanese-based auto maker, Toyota is planning to produce a hybrid coupe, which will share the same powertrain as the Toyota Prius hybrid vehicle. The hybrid is […]


  • All-electric Lotus Exige by Ecotricity

    Ecotricity is a British-based wind energy company and to help promote the usage of electric vehicles in the U.K, the company initiated the development process to produce an all electric Lotus Exige about seven months […]



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