• Proton BLM Spyshots – a recap

    The new Proton BLM which will replace the age old Proton Saga is expected to be launched sometime in mid January 2008, with indicative pricing expected to be somewhere in the RM30,000 range, with perhaps […]


  • Black and white Proton BLM spyshot

    Click to enlarge These are more spyshots of the Proton Saga Replacement Model or better known as the Proton BLM, which is a codename that stands for Base Line Model. This new Proton will be […]


  • New Proton BLM Spyshot

    These shots (posted with permission) of the upcoming Saga/Iswara Replacement Model, the Proton BLM was shot by ephique74. If anything, it reveals to us one of the colour options available for the new Proton BLM, […]


  • Another rear shot of the Proton BLM

    Here is another shot of the Proton BLM contributed by reader Barney Low, but unfortunately it doesn’t really reveal much details that we haven’t seen already in previous spyshots of the Proton BLM here on […]


  • Clearer Proton BLM Side Profile Spyshots

    These clear photos were shot by KM_Survivor of the Lensa Malaysia forums, a Malaysian photography forum, which explains why the photos are of such good quality! It shows the side profile of the new Proton […]


  • Proton BLM Artist’s Impression by Maru

    These renderings of what Proton’s upcoming base line Saga Replacement Model, or “Proton BLM” could look like were done by reader maru/chaku, who based it on a Proton Savvy modified to be a three box […]


  • Is this the new Proton BLM?

    What’s this now? Reader Chris sent in these photos of a new Proton sedan spotted on the North South Expressway. We assume it is a Proton because the Proton GEN2 CPS 1.6 hatchback in the […]



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