• More Proton Geneva concept pix appear online!

    [zenphotopress number=999 album=863] Proton and Giugiaro has put up a website over at protonconcepts.com, showing the new Proton Concept Car along with a countdown clock (about over 5 days to go) and a simple question […]


  • More on the Proton Concept Car’s hybrid drivetrain

    The Proton Concept Car, which will be unveiled at next week’s Geneva Motor Show, will showcase a series hybrid drivetrain designed and developed by Lotus Engineering. Integrated into the Italdesign penned concept is the Lotus […]


  • New teaser pix for Geneva 2010 Proton Concept

    Italdesign Giugiaro has posted up on their website a different teaser image for the new Proton Hybrid Concept Car set to debut at Geneva during the press days at the end of this month/early next […]


  • Photo of new Proton concept appears online!

    Autocar UK is the first with a photo of Proton’s new concept car designed by Italian design house Italdesign-Giugiaro. The vehicle looks like a supermini with a tallish roofline, and according to Autocar it is […]



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