• TMI 2: The low-down on leasing

    My second contribution to new online newspaper The Malaysian Insider is now up. Read the story titled “The low-down on leasing” at The Malaysian Insider. Do check out the rest of the paper too, I […]


  • TMI 1: Our car industry – coming or going?

    I will be writing a weekly commentary on issues related to the car industry over at The Malaysian Insider, the latest online paper to hit the Malaysian cyberspace. Have a look at the first story […]



Latest Fuel Prices

RON 95 RM1.68 (+0.01)
RON 97 RM1.98 (+0.01)
RON 100 RM2.50
VPR RM2.71
EURO 2M RM1.74 (+0.05)
EURO 5 RM1.84 (+0.05)
Last Updated 17 Oct 2020