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  • Ford Focus 2.0S First Impression Test Drive

    There are a few cars that one would look forward to getting into in order to experience something because it has a certain reputation surrounding it. You have the BMW 3-Series with the expectations of […]


  • BMW 130i M Sport Test Drive Review

    Click to enlarge I dont care what a certain very prominent member of the motoring journalist fraternity thinks – the Volkswagen R32 is not available in Malaysia. Youre looking at the hottest hatch in the […]


  • Ssangyong Actyon Sports Pick-Up Truck Test Drive

    The Ssangyong Actyon Sports SUT is a pick-up truck that stands out among it’s competitors, and I’m not just talking about its somewhat unorthodox looks which resembles a shark with a gaping mouth, especially in […]


  • 2007 BMW X3 2.5si Facelift Test Drive Review

    The new face lifted BMW X3 is essentially a jacked up 3-Series station wagon with BMWs xDrive all-wheel-drive system. Bear in mind, not even the latest 3-Series even – just like how BMW dipped into […]


  • BMW M6 Test Drive on the Isle of Man

    There was a time when it was easy to tell supercars from all the rest, but then certain things happened. For one, power outputs kept on increasing while the cars got more liveable and less […]


  • 2007 Honda CR-V Test Drive Report

    After missing the media test drive held somewhere in the East Coast of Malaysia, I finally managed to get a hold of the new 2007 Honda CR-V so I can report my findings to the […]


  • Kia Rio 1.4 Test Drive Report

    In Malaysia, we get the Kia Rio5 5-door hatchback as the Kia Rio, offered as a CBU unit from Korea. Powered by a 1.4 litre engine, the proposition that the car offers you seems to […]


  • Volvo V50 T5 Test Drive Report

    Volvo shares something in common with Audi, the fact that their stationwagon models usually garner more excitement than the sedan models, or at least that was the norm sometime in the past. Things might have […]


  • BMW 320d Touring Test Drive

    Rolling around in a BMW 3 Touring is certainly going to get you alot of stares. After all, how many Malaysians are used to seeing station wagons around other than the popular AD Resort workhorse? […]



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