• Chevrolet Captiva unveiled in Malaysia

    Hicom-Chevrolet Sdn Bhd unveiled the Chevrolet Captiva‘s Malaysian line-up yesterday, and although exact prices have not been determined yet, we now at least know a price range as well as spec levels of the different […]


  • Maybach Landaulet Concept Video

    You’ve seen photos and text on what the Maybach Landaulet is all about, but here’s a video allowing you to see the semi-open top luxury barge in motion. Check out the video after the jump. […]


  • Honda FCX Clarity – Waterfight Ad

    Honda produced this advertisement for the Honda FCX Clarity, playing on the fact that the Clarity only emits pure water instead of the usual harmful exhaust smoke that every other car sends into the atmosphere. […]


  • TOKYO LIVE 2007: Suzuki X-HEAD Concept

    Click to enlarge The Suzuki X-HEAD Concept looks like it could be one of the Constructicons from an upcoming Transformers Movie sequel, and Suzuki has given the concept SUV decent off-road and load carrying capacity. […]


  • BMW 1tensity Videos

    We previously saw a series of videos on the BMW 1-Series called the “Have You Seen It?” series, but that’s not the end of interesting videos on the BMW 1-Series from Munich. This series is […]


  • 5th gear tests the Proton Savvy

    Fifth Gear has an interesting take on how to compare the few economical superminis that they have in their market – how much can the little engines in them actually take? The superminis compared are […]


  • Proton Balik Kampung Community Service Message

    This is a community service message ad from Proton for the upcoming Hari Raya balik kampung season. Humour always works. Of course, let’s all not just laugh at the video, we have to actually take […]


  • Interview with BMW 1-Series Product Manager

    BMW Web TV interviews Falko Radomski, Product Manager for the BMW 1-Series, about the new BMW 1-Series Coupe at the 2007 Frankfurt Motor Show. Anyway, good news – for those who are curious you’ll be […]



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