• Porsche Flasher Ad

    How many of you think Porsches have sex appeal, raise your hands! This is an amusing advertisement where a girl walks down an alley and spots a Porsche parked by the side of the road. […]


  • Fiat 500 previewed

    Details of the revival of the Fiat 500 has been officially released by Fiat Automobiles SpA. The new Fiat 500 is 355cm long, 165 cm wide, 149 cm tall and has a wheelbase of 230 […]


  • Gumpert Apollo Promo Video

    Here is a promotional video of the Gumpert Apollo, the Audi powered road-going track car – brainchild of Audi’s ex-motorsports manager Roland Gumpert. The Gumpert Apollo comes in 3 flavours, 4.2 normally aspirated V8, 4.2 […]


  • BMW M3 testing at the Nurburgring track

    Here is a Best Motoring video with a spy footage of the upcoming E92 series BMW M3‘s testing laps on the Nurburgring. What a lovely V8 sound. M3 fans will have to the new aural […]


  • Siemens Electronic Wedge Brake (EWB)

    So you’ve got the drum brake, then the disc brake, then the disc brake with multiple calipers. Then you improve that further with slots, cross-drill holes and make the whole disc ventilated. Even brake by […]


  • BMW 320d Touring Test Drive

    Rolling around in a BMW 3 Touring is certainly going to get you alot of stares. After all, how many Malaysians are used to seeing station wagons around other than the popular AD Resort workhorse? […]


  • Hammond’s Car Crash

    For those not in the loop, Richard Hammond of Top Gear fame recently got into an accident while filming some footage for Top Gear. He was driving, or should I say piloting a dragster-style jet-powered […]


  • Subaru’s 4-year plan: turbodiesel boxers!

    Not much details of Subaru’s new turbodiesel boxer engine were revealed at the Geneva 2007 Motor Show, causing an outcry from Subaru fans who expected to get the juicy details on the specifications, any new […]



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