• Ghostrider: the robotic motorcycle

    The 2005 DARPA Grand Challenge is a 130 mile desert course – while this might seem mild compared to the Baja 1000 or other similiar off-road courses, what makes the DARPA Grand Challenge special is […]


  • Proton David Arumugam CNY Greetings

    Proton David Arumugam CNY Greetings

    It seems that most of us like David Arumugam so I suppose Proton made the right call with the production of this Chinese New Year greeting video. It also emphasizes on our multi-cultural rojak society. […]


  • VIDEO: Proton Saga TVC: “Cabin Space”

    This the final video of a new set of 3 30 second TV commericals which are focused on the new Proton Saga’s features. This video features Dr. Kenny Lee again, using the Proton Saga to […]


  • VIDEO: Proton Saga TVC: “Boot Space”

    This the second of a new set of 3 TV Commericals which are focused on the new Proton Saga’s features and they are about 30 seconds each. This video features David Arumugam of the Alleycats […]


  • VIDEO: Proton Saga TVC: “Acceleration”

    We’ve previously seen the set of 3 TV commercials promoting the new Proton Saga which were about 1 minute long each featuring local personalities such as Dr Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor our Malaysian Angkawasan, David Arumugam […]


  • VIDEO: Mercedes-Benz CLC-Class on the move

    Here is a video featuring the new Mercedes Benz CLC-Class – essentially a reskinned W203 C-Class Coupe – on the go. Other than moving shots, you will see more details on the car’s exterior and […]


  • Hummer H3T Video

    You will find after the jump a video of the Hummer H3T pick-up truck crossing some snow… and uh, basically that’s it. A rather unexciting video of something that looks as mean as a Hummer. […]


  • VIDEO: Proton Saga Dr. Kenny Advertisement

    This is the third video in a series of Proton Saga TV Commercials being aired on national TV now. It features a selfless doctor who chose to serve the rural community and natives in East […]



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