• VIDEO: Proton Saga TVC: “Boot Space”

    This the second of a new set of 3 TV Commericals which are focused on the new Proton Saga’s features and they are about 30 seconds each. This video features David Arumugam of the Alleycats […]


  • VIDEO: Proton Saga TVC: “Acceleration”

    We’ve previously seen the set of 3 TV commercials promoting the new Proton Saga which were about 1 minute long each featuring local personalities such as Dr Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor our Malaysian Angkawasan, David Arumugam […]


  • VIDEO: Mercedes-Benz CLC-Class on the move

    Here is a video featuring the new Mercedes Benz CLC-Class – essentially a reskinned W203 C-Class Coupe – on the go. Other than moving shots, you will see more details on the car’s exterior and […]


  • Hummer H3T Video

    You will find after the jump a video of the Hummer H3T pick-up truck crossing some snow… and uh, basically that’s it. A rather unexciting video of something that looks as mean as a Hummer. […]


  • VIDEO: Proton Saga Dr. Kenny Advertisement

    This is the third video in a series of Proton Saga TV Commercials being aired on national TV now. It features a selfless doctor who chose to serve the rural community and natives in East […]


  • VIDEO: Proton Saga Alleycats Advertisement

    The previous Proton Saga advertisement posted here featuring our Angkasawan received some interesting feedback. Here is another Proton Saga advertisement video, this time featuring David Arumugam of the Alleycats. I guess now we know where […]


  • VIDEO: Proton Saga Angkasawan Advertisement

    Usually when there is a new Proton car launch, this blog will feature the car’s TV commercial (for free, sheesh) as most of us are interested in how Proton is marketing the product. As requested […]


  • VIDEO: The E93 BMW M3 Convertible

    Pick one: all 420 horses of that amazing V8 rumble you get to hear in full clarity because the M3 Convertible has an open top, or the higher rigidity and lighter weight of the BMW […]



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