• Nurburgring: Yamaha R1 vs Porsche 911 GT3

    This is an interesting video for those who love track videos. Two brothers take on the Nurburgring – Michael Neeves rides a Yamaha R1 superbike while his brother Ben follows him in a Porsche 911 […]


  • Volkswagen’s TSI Engine

    Volkswagen produced this infomercial for the Volkswagen TSI Series of engines. Volkswagen aimed to produce a motor that both offered fuel economy as well as performance, together with driving comfort in the sense that driving […]


  • Volkswagen CrossPolo – 1.6 with 6 airbags!

    Volkswagen Malaysia has just launched it’s new CrossPolo B-segment vehicle. The CrossPolo, and it’s less cross sibling the Polo are slotted between the Volkswagen Fox and the larger Volkswagen Golf. There is even a GTI […]


  • Ford’s Driver Education Videos

    Ford created this Driving Skills For Life program in the US to help reduce teen driver accidents. The program teaches then how to handle most situations where the car is in a dangerous position – […]


  • Skoda Fabia cake!

    Click to enlarge Skoda has created this amazing Skoda Fabia cake for it’s latest TV advertisement campaign in the UK. They’ve swapped rivets for raisins, metal for marzipan and spark plugs for sugar. The video […]


  • Lancia Delta S4 on go-kart track

    So you’ve seen a go-kart going out of it’s territory and entering the car’s playground – the empty highways of Quebec City in Canada. The cars have decided to twist this irony around the other […]


  • Climb Dance: Peugeot 405 T16 on Pikes Peak

    Have you heard of Climb Dance? Climb Dance is an award-winning short film of about 5 minutes that documents Ari Vatanen’s record-breaking run at the 1988 annual Pike’s Peak Hill Climb Event in Colorado. The […]


  • Kart Vader: through the streets of Quebec

    Some of you may have heard of Ghost Rider. No, not the comic book one, but motorcycle stunt rider Patrik Furstenhoff, who rose to infamy with his high speed journeys through cities like Stockholm where […]


  • Golf Mk1 with turbocharged Hayabusa engine

    Remember the Smartuki? A Smart Fortwo with a Suzuki engine. Here’s a similiar engine in a chassis that looks alot less likely to topple over any moment – the Mk1 Volkswagen Golf! In a chassis […]


  • SMART Tunnel Videos

    The SMART Tunnel has been open now for the past 3 days, and the 3km tunnel is still free of toll for a month so that motorists can try it out. No indication of toll […]



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