• 2007 Honda CR-V Crash Test

    The new 2007 Honda CR-V received a 5-star crash test rating from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration across the board – which means frontal crash passenger, frontal crash driver, side crash passenger and side […]


  • AJ Performance Honda Civic Si Coupe

    The guys at All Japanese Performance in the US have pimped out this Honda Civic Si Coupe where it matters – the engine bay! The K20 engine in this Civic has been bolted on with […]


  • Volkswagen Magotan for China

    Another car manufacturer has developed a model specially for the Chinese market. Introducing the Volkswagen Magotan. Despite sounding like a strange hybrid fusion between a Mango and a Rambutan, Volkswagen’s joint venture in China – […]


  • Volkswagen Tiguan Concept

    Volkwagen’s Tiguan Concept showcases a preview of it’s upcoming mini Touareg – a small SUV pitched against the likes of the new 3rd generation Toyota RAV4. The concept car being presented at the LA Auto […]


  • 2007 BMW X5 4.8i and 3.0d Test Drive in Athens

    The BMW X5 has enjoyed phenomenal success since its introduction in 1999, with exactly 616,867 units to be produced by the 22nd of December 2006, with 41% of orders bound for the truck-mad USA. Thats […]


  • Golf GT Frog Commercial

    Another witty Volkswagen advertisement video, this one advertises the small yet potent Volkswagen Golf GT equipped with the 1.4 litre TFSI twincharged engine. Video after the jump.


  • 5th Gear smart fortwo Crash Test

    Despite how the smart fortwo looks like it’s a disaster waiting to happen during accidents, smart says that it’s actually safe because of the use of a solid steel “Tridion” frame, left visible at the […]


  • 2nd gen Fiat Bravo promo video

    Fiat has produced this promotional video for their upcoming 2nd generation Fiat Bravo, which replaces the Fiat Stilo in it’s product line-up. Also notice that the letters a and v in the new Bravo logo […]


  • BMW 7-series drift crash

    What kind of joker drifts and does donuts in a BMW 7-series? Apparently it’s something common in Saudi Arabia. This time around though, this particular driver had a spot of bad luck. Video after the […]


  • Joey Hand’s BMW M3 Crash

    This is a video account of race car driver Joey Hand’s BMW crash – his Matt Connolly Motorsports BMW M3 gets nudged off the track by a Pontiac GTO.R, and somehow ends up getting launched […]



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