• Volkswagen Phaeton Hands Ad

    This advertisement for the Volkswagen Phaeton advertises it’s hand-built construction by showing you what amazing things hands can do. You have no clue what the ad is about until the very end, when it suddenly […]


  • 2007 Ford Ranger TDCi launched in Malaysia

    The latest and most powerful pick-up truck to join the Malaysian pick-up segment has just arrived – the new 2007 Ford Ranger TDCi featuring the latest generation Duratorq 2.5 litre TDCi engine. More details on […]


  • Spyker F1 Car vs F16 Jet

    Another one of those crazy promotional stunts – a Spyker F1 car goes head to head against an F16 Fighter Jet. This little 1,000 meter drag race was held at the Volkel Air Force Base. […]


  • Impak Maksima Trailer: local drift movie?

    A reader sent in this link to a video on Youtube, upon checking it out I found that it’s a trailer for a locally produced movie on drifting! The movie is called Impak Maksima, and […]


  • Chery Windcloud vs Ferrari F430

    For a 1.6 litre Chinese-made sedan to keep up with a Ferrari F430 on the track could only mean there is some huge difference between driving ability of the two drivers biased to the driver […]


  • Nissan GT-R Spy Video

    This is the best spy video of Nissan’s upcoming spiritual successor to the Skyline GT-R yet. The Nissan GT-R in this video was captured doing some really intensive high speed laps at the Nurburgring track, […]


  • Honda FCX Video

    Here is a video that Honda made to showcase it’s Honda FCX Concept. To keep things short, the Honda FCX is basically a 4-seater car running on an AC Synchronous Motor putting out 129 PS […]


  • Honda’s i-VTEC I Engine: Direct Injection

    An engine that has surfaced and pretty much faded in a short time is Honda’s i-VTEC I Engine, a variant of the K-series DOHC engine family featuring gasoline direct injection. It made it’s debut in […]


  • Subaru Impreza Version 10 Promo Video

    Here is a promotional video released by Subaru for the upcoming 2008 Subaru Impreza Version 10. It’s pretty slow paced, probably their aim was letting you see how the car looks like in motion rather […]



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