• What is an anti-lag or misfiring system?

    What is an anti-lag or misfiring system?

    I’m sure some of you have heard of anti-lag systems or sometimes known as misfiring systems, thanks to anime like Initial D. You might have noticed that most of the cars have flames coming out […]


  • Luckiest Biker Ever Crash Video

    Luckiest Biker Ever Crash Video

    A video of an accident between a Toyota Yaris and a very lucky motorcyclist. Apparently the motorcyclist had a green light while the lady in the Toyota Yaris had a red light. The accident purportedly […]


  • Proton Satria Neo Handling Demonstration

    These videos demonstrating the handling capabilities of the Proton Satria Neo are thanks to “Wajakuat” who originally hosted them on Youtube. I’ve put them on my server for faster loading speeds. There are three videos, […]


  • Smart ForTwo Crash Test

    Ever wonder how the Smart ForTwo would fare in a car accident? Sure the car looks small and fragile, but apparently it has good passenger protection because of it’s Safety Cell unibody. An independant German […]


  • 2006 Alfa Romeo Diva Concept

    The Alfa Romeo Diva Concept was revealed at the Geneva Motor Show earlier this year. The Alfa Romeo Diva Concept was developed in a joint effort beween Fiat Auto’s R&D arm Elasis, the Alfa Romeo […]


  • Top Gear Prodrive P2

    Top Gear tries out the Prodrive P2, Prodrive’s first entirely self-developed car using a Subaru Impreza turbocharged flat-four engine. The Prodrive P2 went from concept to a full working model in only 9 months. It’s […]


  • Toyota Aygo and Volkswagen Fox Football

    Toyota Aygo and Volkswagen Fox Football

    Do you remember the Toyota Aygo football match? Top Gear actually took a few Toyota Aygos and used them in a field to play football with a huge blown up football. This is something else […]


  • Toyota Human Touch Advertisement

    This is Toyota’s “Human Touch” advertisement campaign. It features a few Toyota Cars including the Toyota Belta (Toyota Yaris Sedan), and some higher end models that we do not see here in Malaysia.


  • BMW Extreme Testing Technology

    This is amazing. This is a video of BMW’s extreme testing innovations. For a producer of cars so packed with technology, it’s only normal for their testing procedures to be highly advanced too. They actually […]


  • Volvo Self Park System

    Volvo Self Park System

    This is a video of a prototype self-parking system developed in a joint venture between a Swedish University and Volvo Cars. Also, check out BMW’s auto park system.



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