• BMW M3 New Promotional Video

    This is the best promotional video advertisement of the new V8-powered BMW M3 yet. Really nice videography and the M3 is portrayed in a very delicious Alpine white. It almost makes that hood bulge look […]


  • Volkswagen Phaeton Hands Ad

    This advertisement for the Volkswagen Phaeton advertises it’s hand-built construction by showing you what amazing things hands can do. You have no clue what the ad is about until the very end, when it suddenly […]


  • 2007 Ford Ranger TDCi launched in Malaysia

    The latest and most powerful pick-up truck to join the Malaysian pick-up segment has just arrived – the new 2007 Ford Ranger TDCi featuring the latest generation Duratorq 2.5 litre TDCi engine. More details on […]


  • Spyker F1 Car vs F16 Jet

    Another one of those crazy promotional stunts – a Spyker F1 car goes head to head against an F16 Fighter Jet. This little 1,000 meter drag race was held at the Volkel Air Force Base. […]


  • Impak Maksima Trailer: local drift movie?

    A reader sent in this link to a video on Youtube, upon checking it out I found that it’s a trailer for a locally produced movie on drifting! The movie is called Impak Maksima, and […]


  • Chery Windcloud vs Ferrari F430

    For a 1.6 litre Chinese-made sedan to keep up with a Ferrari F430 on the track could only mean there is some huge difference between driving ability of the two drivers biased to the driver […]


  • Nissan GT-R Spy Video

    This is the best spy video of Nissan’s upcoming spiritual successor to the Skyline GT-R yet. The Nissan GT-R in this video was captured doing some really intensive high speed laps at the Nurburgring track, […]



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