• Dub Pimp Star Bling Bling Wheels

    These wheels bring bling bling to a whole new level. Pimp Star wheels allow you to define a graphic image to display on your spinning wheels while your vehicle is moving. With the package comes […]


  • Monster Garage 1951 Volkswagen Beetle

    This is crazy. Monster Garage takes a 1951 Volkswagen Beetle Ragtop and dumps in a crazy engine into it, lowers it and preps it for drag racing. The engine is a 2276cc block with 82mm […]


  • Ever seen a broken down Toyota?

    Another amusing automobile-related ad. Toyota milks their reputation of reliability with this advertisement. Pretty confident heheh. But yeah, it’s not to say that they haven’t earned the reputation. Check it out. Video is after the […]


  • Volkswagen Golf Singing in the Rain

    The character Gene Kelly from Singing in the Rain is recreated in this advertisement for the Volkswagen Golf. The background song is Frank Sinatra’s Singing in the rain. The video has some funky robot dance […]


  • Top Gear Winter Olympics

    This is the much talked about Top Gear Winter Olympics episode, which features plenty of funky fusions of classic winter sports and automobiles. Really good cinematography by my standards anyway. It’s a whole episode, so […]


  • Ram Rash Advertisement

    Videos from Dodge’s new series of advertisements for the Dodge Ram. The campaign is known as “Ram Rash”. They really have NOTHING to do with the car it is advertising, but a whole lot different […]


  • BMW Auto Park

    Nice video on BMW’s prototype Auto Park system. The narration is in German though, so I don’t really have any idea what they are going on about. But it’s pretty cool watching the 5-series station […]


  • Top Gear Battle of the 4WD Sports Sedans

    Another Top Gear video – a comparison between the Subaru Impreza, the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 8 and the Audi S4. Japanese rally cars versus a competitor from the marque that originally brought 4WD transmissions to […]



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