• BMW 3-Series Convertible Ad

    Let’s face it, a BMW is a chick magnet (Bring Me Women), and even more so if it’s a convertible. This ad for the E46 BMW 3-Series convertible follows a groom on the way to […]


  • Nissan Offroad Ad Video

    Remember Sixshot, that Transformers robot which could transform into 6 different forms? When I saw this video, I was reminded of him. Here’s another Nissan ad, promoting it’s trucks’ offroading capabilities. I like the 3D.


  • Toyota Auris Concept Video

    Been a long time since I’ve posted videos here. Following the standard car video concept of “hot chick checks out car driving by in deserted volcanic or forest area” (which Proton also used for the […]


  • Proton Rally game based on Half Life engine

    Here’s something amusing. A company called GameXtra has actually developed a modification for the Half Life engine called Proton Rally. For those who are in the gaming scene, you would know that the Half Life […]


  • Nissan Pathfinder Ad

    This video may be NSFW, depending on how liberal your workplace is, heheh. I can’t imagine which country this ad is for though – it advertises the Nissan Pathfinder’s front independant suspension.


  • Honda Jazz Tetris Ad

    This is an ad spot in Germany, showing off the loading capacity of the Honda Jazz in a unique way – Tetris! I thought this was very clever. Video after the jump.


  • Morphing BMW 3-Series advertisement

    This is a very nice commercial from BMW for the BMW 3-Series showing the first BMW sports sedan – the BMW 2002 in 1968 as well as all 5 generations of the 3-series from the […]


  • BMW 3-Series Sedan and Coupe design comparison

    The E92 BMW 3-Series Coupe is generally thought of as a much better looking car than it’s E90 Sedan brother, but why? This clip shows us the styling differences between the two cars using morphing […]


  • Pimped out white Honda Accord

    I’m not sure where this car is from, but I’m just taking a wild guess that it’s from somewhere in the Middle East, perhaps Dubai. They’ve been known for this kind of outrageious pimped out […]


  • Mat Rempit Stunt

    [UPDATED] The first video is a Bonnie and Clyde style of Mat Rempit stunt, with a motorcyclist dude and someone presumably his girlfriend doing stunts together. Looks pretty dangerous, but this seriously looks like it […]



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