Six grands prix, six victories – that’s the amazing record MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS F1 Team has scored so far this season. And PETRONAS PRIMAX plays a vital role, helping the Mercedes F1 W05 Hybrid achieve stratospheric performance while consuming 30% less fuel than the year before. Now you too can achieve new levels of fuel efficiency with the new PETRONAS PRIMAX 95 with Advanced Energy Formula.

Developed in collaboration with PETRONAS PRIMAX technical performance consultant and MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS driver, Lewis Hamilton, along with PETRONAS’ own team of engineers and chemists across Asia and Europe, the new PETRONAS PRIMAX 95 incorporates the knowledge and lessons learnt from the racetracks via PETRONAS Fluid Technology Solutions, a range of tailor-made product offerings and expert services that maximise your vehicle’s performance.

The Advanced Energy Formula imbues the new PETRONAS PRIMAX 95 with a set of qualities that improve the efficiency of the fuel. Firstly, it optimises fuel delivery through the cleaning and protection of critical injector and engine parts. It also creates a finer spray when injected into the combustion chamber, increasing atomisation and ensuring cleaner, more efficient combustion.

Finally, it lubricates the cylinder wall and piston rings, reducing power-sapping friction, and replenishes the surface active components of engine oil when it accumulates in the oil sump. With these key race-proven innovations, the new PETRONAS PRIMAX 95 ensures you extract the maximum amount of energy from every drop.

Petronas Motorsports Demo Run 50

“Fuel economy matters to me, even more importantly this season where fuel efficiency is the game changer in Formula One,” said Lewis Hamilton. “With the fuel limit capped this season, we have to ensure that every drop of PETRONAS PRIMAX that goes into the car is engineered to deliver optimum performance.”

“PETRONAS has done an amazing job in coming up with a superior formulation for PETRONAS PRIMAX that has fuelled our team to victory. As PETRONAS PRIMAX’s technical performance consultant, I am extremely honoured to be able to share this winning formula with Malaysian drivers,” he added.

The new PETRONAS PRIMAX 95 with Advanced Energy Formula is now on sale at all PETRONAS stations nationwide and is sold at the normal regulated price of RON 95 petrol. To learn more about the new PETRONAS PRIMAX 95, and to locate the nearest PETRONAS station, visit