The Land Rover Defender Rover Team

The Land Rover Defender is a vehicle like no other. Over its 68-year history, it has been a vehicle driven by everyone from farmers and famous explorers, to royalty. It’s a fitting tribute, then, that Jaguar Land Rover (Malaysia) will hold a special roadshow to celebrate the truly iconic 4×4 model.

Between April 23 and May 1, the Land Rover Defender Rover Team roadshow will vist more than 14 locations across the Klang Valley and Penang, including shopping malls, business districts, cafes and other popular hangout spots. Two Land Rover Defenders will be a part of the roadshow, each decked-out with Final Edition Defender Accessories Packages to suit different lifestyles – adventure or urban.

Visitors can sign up for test drives, upload #CelebrateDefenderMy Instagram posts, take up the Defender Hill Climb Challenge on an iPad and other games to win various exclusive collectibles.

“Production of the Land Rover Defender officially ceased globally when the last of the current Defenders left the final assembly line at its Solihull production facility in England on January 29, 2016. What we have here in Malaysia is truly the last batch of this incredibly versatile vehicle with a history that spans 68 years. Therefore, it is the last chance to own a piece of heritage,” said JLRM Managing Director, Datuk Aishah Ahmad.

The last Defender rolling out of the Solihull plant in January 2016

More than two million Series Land Rovers and Defenders have been built since 1948. What began as simply a line drawing in the sand has gone on to become one of the world’s most iconic 4x4s, earning the accolade of being the most versatile vehicle on the planet, capable of taking owners to places other vehicles could not reach.

The Land Rover Defender began its life in 1948 as the Series I. Created by brothers Spencer and Maurice Wilks, it was originally designed primarily for farming and agricultural use. In 1958, the Series II brought about a new design and engine updates, with sales reaching half a million by 1966. The vehicle earned its new name, Defender, in 1990.

For more information on the Land Rover Defender Rover Team roadshow, visit JLRM’s website. The full roadshow schedule is as follows:

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